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Cosmos - The Stillborn God

Cosmos - The Stillborn God

By the timeth at which the villages were few, nailed to a tree a man repeated:

"Cosmos, the god whom was born dead, wore the skin of his father and journeyed through the ages seeking his revenge. The dying god was born corrupt and thus was cleansed by the blood of Chaos, for we are all born in a den of corruption and must abdicate our putrid roots. Cosmos safeguards our world, for he has provided us with the blessing in Protea and granted us the privilege of being hath led by his offspring. The Flaming Crown is held by his heirs, exalt them and reject the false idols. Do not prayeth to swine, Cosmos is the true god and the only one worthy of our cry. With his sword, the stillborn god punishes the impure, the heretics and the questioners. Descent Cosmos was, is and always will be the source of virtue to the brave, the oppressed and the forgotten.

Remembereth, Cosmos stares at thee."

Translation by: Matheus Andrade
Original text: